About Us

Neta is a subsidiary of the Husqvarna Group and is supported by the Husqvarna South Africa Team.

Since 1947, Neta has been designing, manufacturing & supplying reliable gardening products for harsh weather conditions. Featuring a range of watering and cutting products, perfectly designed for optimal comfort and convenience.

It all began with simple yet innovative brass hose fittings – the first to be fully designed and manufactured in Australia over 70 years ago.

Today, more than 70 years later, Neta garden products are more popular than ever. We’ve adapted and evolved our products to fit the needs of the practical modern gardener, including a wide range of high-quality, uniquely-designed garden watering products, irrigation solutions, cutting tools.

Neta is now available to South African gardening enthusiasts.

Available Across South Africa

All of our garden products are available from independent hardware stores and garden centres across South Africa, offering quality gardening tools all backed by the Neta No Break Guarantee.

Our Product Range

Neta’s products have been developed perfectly using the highest grade material suitable for the South African climate. Our range consists of spray guns, hose nozzles, jet guns and garden hoses. Our tap timers make it possible for the practical gardener to choose when to water the garden by automatically opening and closing the tap valve. With a selection of garden hoses, water fittings and sprinklers, Neta garden products cover the majority of watering tasks.

Neta’s cutting range takes the trouble out of garden maintenance and pruning by ensuring optimal results with less effort. Designed for the practical gardener, with durability in mind.

At Neta, we've stood the test of time and are proud to manufacture products that will too.

We understand the need to create garden products designed to withstand the harsh South African conditions while simplifying daily watering and garden care tasks.

As a commitment to quality, Neta offers a No Break Guarantee. This guarantee is our pledge that if our products do not perform to expectation within the guarantee period stated on the packaging, we will replace or refund the product.

Still Have Questions?

If you haven’t found an answer to your gardening watering solutions? Feel free to contact us and we’ll get back to you shortly.

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