Here are some answers to the most commonly asked gardening questions we receive.

The burst pressure on all Neta hoses are 2000 kPa.

All Neta water controls use AA alkaline batteries (rechargeable batteries are not recommended).

No, it is not replaceable as the Neta hose box is a sealed unit.

No, the 25m hose pipe cannot be extended.

Neta hoses are kink resistant.  Should the hose pipe kink during use, simply lay the hose out in the sun and it will revert back to its original shape.

Rainfall is usually insufficient in providing plants with enough water (depending on the amount of rainfall). Even if the ground surface appears wet, the roots deep down in the soil may not have received sufficient water.

Yes, 18mm Neta connectors fits both 18mm and 19mm hoses.

The Neta plastic hose hanger can store up to 30m of 12mm hose pipe and 20m of 18mm hose pipe.

The Neta stainless steel hose hanger can store up to 50m of 12mm hose pipe and 30m of 18mm hose pipe.

Yes, it is recommended to have the blade sharpened at a lawnmower or chainsaw dealer.

No, all Neta hoses are free of hazardous substances and heavy metals.

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