Robust and reliable tools for garden enthusiasts.

For more than 70 years, Neta has been designing, manufacturing and supplying reliable gardening products
for harsh weather conditions. Made for Australian, New Zealand and South African markets. Neta ensures long
lasting durability along with a No Break Guarantee across the range. Take the hassle out of everyday garden
tasks – so you can spend less time labouring and more time enjoying a healthier, greener outdoor space, all
year round.

  • Neta provides a comprehensive range for efficient watering all year-round. Choose from garden hoses, sprinklers, water timers, hose storage and water attachments for all your garden watering needs.
  • Keep your garden in check and cut back on wasted time - with the Neta range of cutting tools. Choose from secateurs, floral snips, loppers, hedge shears and garden saws.

Garden Talk

Discover tips for everyday tasks and inspirational gardening ideas. 

No Break Guarantee

Neta’s gardening products have been developed for harsh weather conditions. As a commitment to our quality, Neta offers a No Break Guarantee across the range.

About Us

Founded in 1947, Neta was the first business to design and manufacture brass hose end fittings in Australia. Fast forward over 70 years later and Neta still proudly manufactures products for Australian, New Zealand and South African gardeners. Our product range has expanded over the years to cater for the modern gardener alongside our traditional offerings.

Today, we design, manufacture and supply watering products and cutting tools for all shapes and sizes of gardens – each covered by the Neta “No Break Guarantee”.

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